Serious Writer Podcast

Words & Hats & Coffins...Oh My!

June 29, 2022 FFPP Season 1 Episode 12
Serious Writer Podcast
Words & Hats & Coffins...Oh My!
Show Notes

In this episode, Serious Writer co-owners Cyle Young and Bethany Jett share some interesting fun facts and share a few crazy not-so-commonly known writing vocabulary words, including mariko aoki, which explains why you might need a bathroom break when checking out books at the library or bookstore. 

Play Along:

  • Can you guess which early 20th-century poet slept in a coffin? 
  • What famous children's author had a secret closet of hats?
  • What type of rotten fruit was kept in an author's desk drawer to help him write?

Also, Cyle's wife Patty gave us full permission to air this episode.   

All we know is that if she hadn't, Cyle might really wish we had his own secret hiding space, full of hats or not.

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